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Testing TextLj. Hope this comes through ok.

Originally uploaded by Miss Xombie
BooBoo in October

Originally uploaded by Miss Xombie
BooBoo today
+ done with school. D.U.N.N. done. Everything uploaded and accounted for.
+ unless I've completely screwed up, I should have A's in all my classes

+ a young guy keeps hitting on me at the college bookstore
- I'm almost old enough to be his mother

- I sometimes worry that someone reading my Twitter might think I'm schizophrenic
    ~or possibly psychotic
+because I sometimes Tweet about the necessity (or not) of wearing pants
-and reading back through some of my tweets just gave me a Tom Petty earworm
+ I puffy heart love all my twitter friends, they make my life so much more interesting

+ I had an interesting conversation with an older gentleman at McDonald's.
- before he left he asked me if I had accepted Jesus Christ as my own personal savior and handed me a religious tract

- Steve is still out of town
+ I've gotten a lot of knitting done since he's left

+ There are fuzzy baby robins in the nest near my house
- the momma likes to swoop/dive at anyone that gets near her
- she is nesting right above the cars, makes it interesting to try to go anywhere

-I need to grocery shop
+ I'm home by myself today, so I probably won't

- I'm out of my makeup
+ I have to go to sephora to replace it
+ I might also look for a new hand cream when there

+ my nails are growing out nicely
- but my hands are so dry they hurt :(

I'm off to contemplate if I need to wear pants today, and if so, why? Maybe, also, mowing the yard, but only after coffee.

onlyinfindlay, originally uploaded by Miss Xombie.

and how could I not. Steve took this from the window of the car as we drove by. Rather disturbing and comical. He was licking a pole as we sat further back in traffic.


Never work.

I've gone through and locked down my entries. I'm probably only going to be posting stuff friends only. For the time being.

I will keep this one public, though, so my journal doesn't look abandoned.

But yeah. Talking to myself, over here.